We Wriggle Your Waste

We Wriggle Your Waste

Saturday, June 25, 2011

From idea to reality.

Today marks the first day that I have been able to achieve the results that I have spent the past 2 years speculating about.

I should probably start at the beginning and go from there.

"One day I will save the world", a bit pretentious I know but that statement is what I use as motivation to turn my ideas into reality. My goal is to devise a way to either reuse, recycle or re purpose all waste to prevent it from going to land fill. I plan to do this on a local scale first and then to bring what I have learnt to a global plat form so that it can be used around the world. All these ideas began with one little worm.

It was over ten years ago now that I had my first encounter with a lowly worm.

My first real full time job was in my fathers coffee business. Part of my job was to roast the coffee on our home made coffee roaster. When you roast the green coffee bean it expands and the outer layers of skin or "Husk" comes away as the bean gets drier. This skin is sucked away with the hot air from the roaster and is deposited in a drum. Occasionally a spark or burnt bean is also sucked up with the air and lands in the dry fine husk where it begins to smoulder. Now there isn't quite enough air for it to catch on fire properly but it can smoulder away for hours undetected before it is hosed down and the fire extinguished.

Part of our process to make sure the fire was completely put out was to toss the whole batch of husk on the dirt out side the back of the factory and hose it down. Over time this pile would begin to build up and one day I was told to clear it out into the dump master. The first thing I noticed as I began shoveling it into a bucket was that the ash and husk was only a few inches thick, under this layer was what I though at the time to be a pile of clean dirt. Now this made no sense to me, how could there be all this dirt when it was flat to begin with, and then there were the worms hundreds of worms. Where had they come from and why were they all here.

This was my first brush with Vermicomposting and I needed to know more. Over the years I have done a lot of reading and practical research into breeding and keeping worms. I am buy no means an expert but I feel that I know enough about the benefits of these little guys to make them an integral part of my ultimate goal.

Well that is enough for now, but the story is far from over.

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  1. -"One day I will save the world", a bit pretentious I know but that statement is what I use as motivation to turn my ideas into reality-

    It may be pretentious, or it may be inspiring and a good place to start. I'm glad you seem to be going with option 2. Looking forward to more wormy stories!